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The Problem: About 80% of millions of money judgments go uncollected in US Courts each year.

The Promise: Plaintiffs who’ve won money judgments don’t know what to do. They are desperate for quality Enforcers. That’s where you step in.

The Practice: Using professional-grade investigative software and our proprietary methods, you will investigate each judgment debtor to find the assets to enforce the judgments you accept.

The Profit: A quality Judgment Enforcer makes good money, usually 50% of the value of the judgment that he or she enforces.


  • Negligible amount of competition –there is more than enough work for everyone

  • Start the business part-time, grow it to full-time, or keep it part time for the extra money

  • Work from home or your favorite coffee shop 90% of the time

  • Easy and inexpensive marketing – no need for search engine optimization or social media ads. Clients are looking for professional enforcers

  • Very low start-up costs

  • Profit is directly correlated to your knowledge and the amount of effort you expend

  • Quality Enforcers will make excellent income

  • Low ongoing costs

Why do many judgment debtors get away with not paying the judgments?

Because the plaintiff
  • Doesn’t know the steps.
  • Doesn’t know how to deal with courts.
  • Doesn’t have the time.
  • Has tried, gotten frustrated, and gave up.
  • Has forgotten all about the judgment because it's from years before.
That's why they're looking for a qualified and knowledgeable person to do it for them

Why don’t judgment winners just hire an attorney?

  • Because attorneys are expensive.
  • Because most attorneys don’t know our niche. They don’t teach it in law school.
  • Because many plaintiffs have already paid their attorney thousands of dollars, and don’t want to pay more.
But, you operate on a contingency. No risk to the plaintiff. Your knowledge and your effort will get it done.

About Us

  • Our head instructor Peter Gilboy, Ph.D is a top enforcer and an influential leader in the field of Judgment Enforcement. He is a former US Intelligence Operative, University professor and a published novelist. Peter has run a successful Judgment Enforcement business for 18 years. He has enforced some extremely difficult judgments that other enforcers avoided, and has claimed debtors’ assets so well hidden that even private investigators couldn’t locate them. He has successfully taken on judgments from $5K to $900K.
  • Peter has trained hundreds of Judgment Enforcers around the country since 2006. While there were a few other Judgment Enforcers who have taken on students privately over the years,
Peter Gilboy’s training program is THE ORIGINAL and the MOST THOROUGH​ Judgment Enforcement program available anywhere!!

Call to discuss if this business is right for you.

We are committed that our students are the right people for this business. It takes a person:
  • Who enjoys investigations and complex problem-solving
  • Interested in how the law works
  • Is not be afraid of research into their state’s rules and codes
This is a professional business, not a job. The training is thorough and as rigorous as any profession. Please write us today to tell us about yourself, and why you're interested. 646-837-5102


What is included in the Academy Training:

By far the most thorough & comprehensive manual in the industry, updated continuously. And, it’s step by step.

An ongoing discussion forum with a wealth of additional information & discussions by students, alumni, instructors.¹

One-on-one mentoring by the Peter and others, designed to help you move along in the process of getting your business up and running.

Weekly web-conferencing based education and questions & answers sessions led by Peter Gilboy himself, where you can get an in-depth understanding of the investigative software we use & the 6 methods of enforcement. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about your specific cases and pertaining issues ¹

Peter will show you:

The best ways to find judgments easily

How to contact the judgment holder and take assignment

How to investigate each to find the good ones

How to enforce each judgment using one of the 6 enforcement methods.

Our goal is more than to just get you off the ground. The learning curve in this business never stops, and we want to be a part of it. You won’t be alone. In addition to our ongoing support and mentoring, we’ll introduce you to the community of judgment enforcers, show you the other resources available, and give you Peter’s step by step approach to the enforcement process. We want nothing short of getting you to your point of success, provided you are willing to do the learning and make the required effort.

¹ Subject to user agreement


How much money can I make?

This isn’t a job like stocking shelves and picking up a check on the way out. How much you make is proportional to your knowledge and effort. Some people prefer part-time, and some full time. Some work harder than others, and are more selective in the judgments they accept. The key to making money is knowing which judgments to accept, and which to one’s refuse. You want the “better debtor,” and Peter will show you how to identify them.

Here’s a few a few possible scenarios:

a. William works in the business alone about 30-35 hours weekly. He spends 85% of his time researching judgments and contacting creditors. His goal is to find 4 good judgments monthly. William focuses on judgments between $5K and 10K for an average of $7500 each, and his share is usually 50% for enforcement (our standard). His gross is therefore $15K monthly before software and miscellaneous expenses (about $300-$600 per month) for a net profit of $170K annually before taxes. Will you make that much? Not right off, but you get the point. It doesn’t take a lot of judgments to make good money.

b. Sarah is growth-minded, she has the knowledge and experience, and works in the business with 2 employees, spending most of their time investigating judgments. Her goal is to enforce about 10 good judgments monthly. She also focuses on $5-10K judgments, however doesn’t shy away from an occasional $30K - 100K judgment. She therefore generates $440K in gross profit before her monthly expenses of about $800 per month, employee salaries and benefits and taxes.

I hate the idea of selling. Can I still be in this business?

Our marketing method is so soft that you can hardly even call it “sales.” There are millions of unsatisfied judgments in the US and the list grows daily, so judgment creditors who sit on unsatisfied judgments are normally relieved when a Judgment Enforcement Professional reaches out to them with the offer to enforce their judgment. Judgment creditors do not buy anything from us, but receive a service on contingency basis. Give us a call – we’ll explain further.

How long does it take to enforce a judgment?

That depends on the asset you find after your investigations.

  • The debtor has a good job? Then you’ll be garnishing wages each month until the judgment is satisfied.

  • The debtor has a home? Then you’ll lien the home, and either accept payments from the debtor, sit on the judgment as it increases in value, or in some cases force a sale to satisfy the judgment.

  • The debtor has a business? Then he or she will have a bank account. (One of the best ways to enforce a judgment.)

See what we mean? It depends on the asset. And you’ll be skilled in locating them, and choosing the right judgments for your level of knowledge.

Do I have to meet the debtor?

In most cases, no. But sometimes you want to get a reluctant debtor back into court to answer questions about his assets. Yes, that’s all in the course too.

Is this business dangerous?

In 18 years, Peter has never had a problem. Mostly, judgment debtors are embarrassed, not angry. They know they owe. They know they’re the problem, not us.

Can I conduct this business anywhere?

Some US states are better than others for this business. Some are very debtor friendly. But some states are terrific. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you the pluses and minuses of your state. We want to make sure you’re in the right place.

Residents of Canada who want to do business in the US are welcome. We do not work with students outside of North America.

I don’t have any business experience. I’ve worked as a teacher my entire life. How much of a chance do I have in this business?

Glad you asked. Our key instructor, Peter Gilboy, taught for 25 years a various colleges and universities. He started his business in 2000, with zero business experience, and learned as he went. Our students come from all walks of life indeed. This isn’t to say that the business is simple and anyone with elementary school education will succeed. It does require tenacity, discipline, self-motivation, professionalism and common sense. We will teach you the methods Peter has developed over nearly two decades.

I’ve seen a lot of courses out there. Why is yours better?

Please don’t accept imitations! Peter is a leader in the business, but he does encourage you to call or email other course providers. See what response you get. Ask questions. Ask for a recent “assignment of judgment” that will show they are actually in the business. You’ll be surprised. Then, maybe get a couple of those courses. They’re cheap enough. But do they offer support and ongoing teaching? Where is their community?

And, Peter is actually in the business. And he has years of experience training others. Peter knows that this is a knowledge-intensive business. Without that knowledge, it’s labor intensive. Peter knows this from his first years in the business. With this course you’ll have personal and group mentoring, weekly web-conferencing sessions, and step-by-step instruction to follow so you get off the ground and toward your goal. Unlike other courses, Peter doesn’t tell you this is an easy business, and that you’ll be picking money off trees. It’s a profession. It’s know-intensive. Peter Gilboy will show you how to investigate, and provide that knowledge along with other resources to speed you along.

Is this like collections? Will I have to hound the debtors and demand payoffs from them?

No. Not at all. Collection agencies call people and write them, telling them they must pay. And, collection agencies hope to get about 18% in return. We don’t do that. We locate assets. We direct the sheriff or constable to take them. That’s all. Two steps. But it requires the knowledge and the skill to do it, just like every profession does.

Are all of those millions of judgment collectible?

No. Many are crummy judgments, with the debtor broke, on mom’s couch, or something else. You don't want to waste a moment on those.

That's another reason why this course is so valuable. Peter will show you how to find the judgments and tell the good ones from the bad ones. That’s a main part of Peter’s training. And it’s the big difference between Peter’s course and all others.

Could I talk to some past students?

Yes, of course. Give us a call, and we’ll put you in touch. They’ll be happy to speak with you.

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